In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

How Life Used To Be Every Day

Went to school camp the other day! It was one of my best days here so far – I loved being outside, directly learning about camp life and seeing the kids running around and playing in the deep snow. I admire them, tried to run around for five minutes and was exhausted! All this time we’re surrounded by fairytale forest covered in waist-deep snow. And when you get cold (happens sometimes when it’s -20°C outside!) you can go inside the tent or one of the houses, warm up at the wood stove and have some delicious bannock and hot tea! The tent is amazing – the ground is covered with a thick layer of spruce twigs, making it soft, warm and smelling just wonderfully, better than a bath! For lunch we all sat together in there and enjoyed some caribou soup. On days like these, the kids get to spend time with elders, hearing stories and learning about what life in the camp used to be like when the Gwich’in were on the land year-round! How do we respect the land, taking and giving back, leaving no trace. Thankful that Shayla and I got to share our project plans with them as well. And they had so many questions, I loved their curiosity. A day full of lively traditions! School Camp

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