In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Into the Cold

It has begun! I’m off to leave for the Western Arctic in Canada.
Ready to go!

Ready to go!

I am facing quite an itinerary: First stop is Vancouver, then Whitehorse, after that Inuvik. From there Shayla is going to pick me up by car such that by Sunday afternoon next week I’ll hopefully finally be in Fort McPherson, the dreamy little town in the North West Territory that will be my home for the next five months! I can’t wait to finally meet her in person after several Skype dates! She has helped me prepare for this adventure, be it organizing a host family or simply telling me what cloths to pack. And she will be part of implementing this great project! Look forward to the next news from Vancouver! Stay posted on Facebook and you’ll get all the adventures short and crispy right on your news feed! Stay wild! Jette

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