In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Sea-time – A day off at Cape Sutil – Day 5 on the North Coast Trail

We are in Cape Sutil and have taken a day off. So that means time to sleep a little, to sort through the pictures of the last couple of days of hiking in our heads and notebooks, and to be excited about everything the North Coast Trail still has in store for us in the next few days. Peace and quiet and time to think and also to let one’s thoughts wander, which would have proved rather difficult while hiking, one might have been lying in the mud or had a bumped one’s head, because one might have absentmindedly walked into a branch. With the waves on the beach of Cape Sutil as a soundtrack, warm grey sand, water curled by waves in front of my eyes, it is very easy to rest. In the past few days, the beach already offered us a place to relax and sleep. The sea water is our shower, dishwasher and washing machine, of course everything in combination with biodegradable soap. To brush your teeth, briefly hold the brush head with toothpaste into the next wave and off you go. Even when cooking, forgotten salt can be compensated with a sip from the water. And last but not least, we can watch impressive sunsets, seabirds, eagles, otters and whales in the bay where we camp. And what is a camping meal without the extra crunch of sand between your teeth… – Antonia

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