In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

My Enemy, the Stairs – Cape Sutil to Skinner Creek – Day 6 on the North Coast Trail

Today we will go to Skinner Creek, the penultimate stage of our North Coast Trail Trip. As usual, we strengthen ourselves with delicious Lyofood before we set off. According to some hikers, there will be many stairs. As expected, we start wheezing after the first few meters and feel the burning in our thighs. The weather is fantastic and the path leads through real old-growth rainforest. I am constantly reminded of the value of this ecosystem as I slowly walk through the forest. After about 4 hours we arrive at Skinner Creek, where we can sit down again in a cable car. From the other shore it is not far to the place where we will camp. We put up the tarp, set up the tents and make a campfire. By now, everyone knows exactly what to do and a lot of things happen as if they are getting done by themselves. We enjoy the sun, bathe in the ocean and think about the last few days. – Henri

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