In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

My home is where my heart is

Lina Get up, eat, and off to measure the next plot. At least for part of the group. A few including me stay in the camp to do some final preparations – for the films but also for tomorrow, the day we leave this wonderful sand bank that has given us so many good memories. When the measurers return, I find out by interviewing Pia that the plot search remained just that, a search. Although every 10 minutes Kai was 100% certain that they were standing right in front of the plot, they never actually reached the plot. Maybe it was because of the Devil’s Club? Or the huge poisonous centipede? Who knows. But it didn’t matter to Pia. She crosses the river back home not incredibly motivated, but also not depressed. From a distance we watch the group returning, as they show us how NOT to act if you ran into a bear – and are having a bunch of fun while they are at it. After this “instructive” demonstration, we grab our personal things and clear up the area. I use the time to work on my project. As I flip through a book on healing plants and snooze a bit, I look out at the mountains that seem to be miles away. Somehow, I can’t believe that I am now practically sitting among them, after I looked at photos of them for weeks. Beautiful and fascinating. It feels so unreal. It could also be that the mountains are being broadcast on a green screen, because it’s simply not realistic that for the past nine days this picture is close enough to touch. It occurs to me that this is one of the last possibilities for me to see these mountains and forests from this perspective. And this is the last day that I can spend at this campfire with these people who I have gotten to know so well. The evening turns melancholic, as we try to eat the last marshmallows that we didn’t want to take with us on the morning hike. We enjoy the last hours together before two of us return to civilization tomorrow. SMS from Canada: #1 Pia – Crossing the Toba to measure a plot– Meeting an angry squirrel– deep wolf tracks in the sand – washing day in the Camp – filming under the gigantic leaf roof of a maple tree– wood that lights up in the dark. #2 Lina – My home is where my heart is – Bauernschmarrn for breakfast– ambitious attempt at measuring a plot– Hannes successfully lost his hat for the third time– loud simulation of meeting a bear– cleaning up Camp– looking at photos – eating leftovers – emotional goodbye from the homely sand bank at the campfire. Translated by Pilar Wolfsteller Photos: © Wilderness International

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