In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Natural Food Day

As soon as I woke up I was thrilled and my adrenaline spiked. On the way to the wilderness kitchen near the river I realized: it doesn’t matter what we is on offer for breakfast, I’m not eating it, because today my natural food days begin. For the next two days I will only eat what I can find in nature – today my friends can help me find things, but tomorrow I will be on my own. I haven’t been hungry yet, but I know that we had to leave soon so that it stays that way. But part of my project is that I have to have it documented by Ronny’s camera, so I wasn’t allowed to stuff the ripe berries into my mouth immediately but had to wait until we knew the video was good. Surprisingly, it was easy for me to act and speak in front of the camera, and I had a lot of fun! Later we went further into the forest to collect fern tips and stinging nettles, and for lunch I enjoyed the fish that the boys caught out of the river. All of a sudden the good weather, of which we have had little in the past couple of days, ends with a harsh downpour.  For lunch we all cuddle together in our tent, others eat a yummy curry, but I stay strong and go fishing – unfortunately without any luck. Miriam and I make our way through the slippery and wet forest and collect my dinner: stinging nettles again. In the beginning I tried them raw but then arrived at the stupid idea of cooking them like spinach. We did a little feedback round and Kai’s comment that he didn’t know that it could rain so much in this region was the appropriate expression for this weather. I forced myself to swallow the result of my cooking experiment, as others started baking stick bread. Somehow it was terrible, but I allowed everyone else’s mood to lift mine, enjoyed the clear starry sky and went to bed happy. Antonia Wilderness International Kanadareise 2014

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