New Research Project – Biodiversity of the Tree Tops

Research projects are essential elements to our “Wisdom Seeker – Knowledge Keeper” expeditions. The environmental ambassadors prepare a topic of their own choice which they research comprehensively in Canada. After the expedition they analyze and interpret the collected data. One research question of this year’s expedition regarded the various habitats of insects within the temperate rainforest – reaching from deadwood on the ground up to tops of the giant trees. Still in Germany we began with planning and organizing the tree climbing, in order to study the tree tops and to shot new photos and videos from a truly unique perspective. We were enabled to do so due to the kind support of our partners Freeworker and Air Canada: Freeworker sponsored extensive equipment; Air Canada the required excess baggage on the flight to Canada. On this expedition the foundation for further exploration of the ecosystem tree tops was laid. Now the collected data samples will be analyzed in cooperation with the Senkenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden. In the next years Wilderness International will deepen this research to increase the understanding of the biodiversity and species distribution in the tree tops of the temperate rainforest. The “Kletterblatt” – the magazine of a tree climbing school from Munich published a comprehensive article about this new research project. From page 18 former environmental ambassador Johannes Kaul reports about tree climbing in Canada. He gives insights how he felt about climbing up the giant trees and setting up a research base camp 65 meters above the ground.