In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Next part of our paddling journey

Today we continued our paddling journey from Valdez Island to Sansum Point (Vancouver Island), which will start to be purchased and protected by the TLC, CVRD und the Cowichan Land Trust with the help of Wilderness International by the end of August. An eight hour tour lay ahead of us. After one last open air breakfast on Valdez Island we put the camp together and let the canoes into the water. During the first five exciting hours-in which Johanna was able to fall into the water more than once-we were able to witness seals which came swimming around our canoes. This was a moment of total silence. Our first big break was held at the bottom of a paper mill which enabled us to see the extend of a new nature destructive technology. After a quick lunch in which an ice crème was definitely not missed out we continued our journey. At dawn we arrived a tour daily destination: Sansum Point. Now we are sitting here at the campfire listening to a shark which swims circles in the bay in front of us. Momo and Claudia

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