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Fauna Forever

Short & Sweet
  • Fauna Forever
  • Peruvian research and conservation organisation
  • vast support of our local operations for forest conservation in Peru, for example in form of research findings and forest guardian function
  • partner since 2019

Fauna Forever's research station "Secret Forest" is located close to most of our protected areas along the Tambopata river. Thanks to long-term research projects in the area, Fauna Forever is right "at the pulse" of theses rainforests. Within our cooperation, Fauna Forever can thus provide us and you with the latest scientific findings from the region. At the same time, we contribute to the organization's research with data from our drone flights (such as aerial pictures, LIDAR and multispectral data).

We can now also finally offer everyone interested the opportunity to get to know the forests that we protect along the Tambopata during a scientific internship with Fauna Forever.

Moreover, said research station will serve as a base for our forest guardians. And since Fauna Forever is normally always on-site with volunteers, they will support our guardians' work with their presence and through regular walks in the conservation areas.

Fauna Forever is a Peruvian non-profit organization. Their mission is to build a world where nature conservation and sustainability thinking are cornerstones of a society's development and wellbeing, resulting in a healthy and prosperous Planet Earth for all. Fauna Forever leads long-term wildlife research projects, nature-friendly ecotours and expeditions, volunteer programs, community development initiatives and nature conservation activities in the Amazon rainforest and Andes mountain ecosystems of Peru.