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Google LLC

  • Google LLC
  • Leading global internet service company, software development and advertising
  • Support through advertisements on the google search engine (Google Ad Grants) and Google Non-Profit
  • In 2014 Google Germany and Ireland sponsored 1,728 square meters of temperate rainforest.
  • Partner since 2014

Google sponsors forest

The partnership between Google and Wilderness International exists since 2014. Google Germany GmbH and Google Ireland Ltd this year started a new collaboration linked to the athletic engagement of its employees. Google doubled the collected income and Google Germany was able to take a sponsorship of 1,280 square meters, and Google Ireland sponsored 448 square meters of temperate rainforest in the Land of the Grizzlies on the west coast of Canada. The company also supports us with Google Non-Profit and the associated Google ad grants with advertisements on the search engine.

The American company Google LLC was founded in 1998 and has gown into the leading worldwide internet service provider, software developer and advertiser. The google search engine leads the market and is one of the most clicked websites. Through Google Non-Profit and Google Ad Grants, Google supports charitable organizations and makes sure that donations do not go towards administration and advertising costs but are rather invested in projects.