Hahmann Optik
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Hahmann Optik

Nils Hahmann and his company have sponsored our wilderness runs for many years. Thanks to generous sponsors like Hahmann Optik, which help pay the cost of our events, all of the collected donations can be put towards the protection of wilderness.

Hahmann Optik Art, from Dresden, is specialized in diagnosing, customizing and completing anything that has to do with seeing. This includes high-quality vision tests, contact lenses, glasses and optical gear for sports and tests for future shortsightedness.

Hahmann Optik GmbH was designated as a “Relaxed Vision Expert” by the optical company Zeiss Aalen. Zeiss Relaxed Vision is a quality management process for the completion of highly specialized glasses and magnifying vision aids like magnifying glasses.

The name Zeiss and the technology stand for highest quality and precision. With Zeiss Relaxed Vision the production tolerances for lenses and the entire process of creating a set of glasses is close to zero. Hahmann Optik Art lives to these standards.