In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Seven days later

Exactly seven days ago we once again had German soil under our feet. So much changed for me since we left for Canada – not only my general attitude toward nature and the people, but also my attitude to the allegedly important elements of a civilization. If someone would have asked me prior to my trip about the attributes of such a civilization, I would have given a definition from my history lesson, and added that a hot shower and the possibility of a cup of hot tea are also inextricably linked to the concept of “civilization”. We had the hot tea on Birthday Island, and I have still not gotten used to the hot water in the shower…Besides, under a fresh, cold shower, one saves water and time because one is faster…. It never occurred to me before how stressful life in a city is. In nature I learned to keep my eyes open, looking for all sorts of things that I might miss – I approached my environment openly. In the city there is noise and stench, that I wish I was deaf. The city really jumps at one, and I find this annoying and overburdening. These past few days I remembered the comfortable, secret places we visited, and the conversations with Hwiemtum und Yahwuam. They both said that we will only remember things once we return home and that we will only be able to understand the important things a long time after our trip. I know now what they mean – and they are right. I’m afraid that I can’t describe or explain this and differently. That is just the way it is and I am very happy and thankful that I could be a part of this trip. Miriam

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