In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

SLOMAN – salmon out of order

In the salmon project we, Johannes and Felix, will take a look at how human intervention affects the ecosystem especially with regard to salmon stock. We will be investigating the appearance of the fish, the different kinds of fish and their health /conditions. We will analyze water samples from different rivers and measure the quality of the water with the Saprobic index, which is based on the number of creatures in the water. Through this kind of water analysis we can determine the effects of humans on the ecosystem. Through dialogue with the indigenous people we would like to learn about their relationship with the salmon. Afterwards, we would like to present our results in an attractive way. And we will also think about how we can develop a stable salmon population here in Saxony because some salmon have already been released into the wild. Johannes and Felix Project group “Salmon” translated by Pilar Wolfsteller Photos (c): Wilderness International, Sami Fayed

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