In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Strathcona: A trip begins

Glaciers pass by, followed by tiny icebergs and blue ocean. ”Do you want to have another water?” asks a stewardess on the A330 on the flight to Vancouver. I decline with thanks and enjoy the views on the way to the search for the last virgin forest giants. Our arrival in Vancouver and the trip to Campbell River on the next day bring many memories of the wonderful moments I experienced on the environmental ambassador expedition in 2012. The trip to Campbell River is not a quickie flight, but rather via ferry to Nanaimo and then we continue on by bus. In my opinion one loses perspective of the distances when traveling by air, and doesn’t get a good idea of the landscapes one is passing. On the bus trip I was once again shocked at how huge the clear cut areas really are, and how great the effect of drought is on nature. The winter was so mild that the rivers can’t be supplied with water from melting snow. I am looking forward to a time with a lot of sun, but for the environment I wish for rain! Jorge, the drum-builder of the Cowichan, picks me up from the bus terminal – it has been such a long time since we last saw each other. Unfortunately I can‘t stay overnight… I have to continue on to my group in Strathcona Provincial Park. We have a lot planned. Mia Creek is one of the last places on Vancouver Island with huge trees and an ecological system that is still relatively intact. But we need to pack our canoes for the tour into Elk River Delta first. Anton – FÖJ-ler 2014/2015

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