In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

The first crabs in Sansum Narrows

Dear Wildblog readers. Today we started our canoe expedition to Sansum Narrows. We met at Cowichan Bay with David, who transported the canoes, Sami and Reinhard, our photographers who are a bit afraid of the water, and of course with our German and Canadian chaperones and students. We were happy that Uncle Herold, one of the Cowichan „eldest“, came with us. The first impression of the landscape was enchanting, but we had to concentrate on the sorting and packing of our equipment. Then, finally we started. Though we had some trouble with the waves and wind speed 4, we’ve been rewarded with 4 white-headed bold eagle, some jellyfish and a few purple and red see stars. Now we’re actually in the nature. The highlight today was the examination of a cedar tree. The cedar trees play a big role in the traditional Cowichan life. They made totem poles, buckets and heads out of the wood and the bark, but they only took what they needed. So Herold gave a little gift to the tree in terms of tabacco. After that we took a long piece of the cedar bark off and used it to produce small roses and tiny little buckets. We also started with our project „Holy Crab“ and found different crab species, but unfortunately they were to small to be eaten. See you soon Anton

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