In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Anticipation- Shuttleworth Bight to Cape Sutil – Day 4 on the North Coast Trail

The morning begins as cold as ever, and it also drips inside the tent. Get out of the warm cuddly sleeping bag and off to the outside. The view is breathtakingly beautiful. I look around, maybe I’ll discover some bear tracks from the night. But there are none to be seen. So we get going, dismantle tents and warm up water for breakfast. Yesterday we used the last of our gas, but of course you can put the pot of water on the fire as well. Good for us, otherwise it would have been a tough four days. So we pour the water over the Lyofood, hmm… delicious! I’m looking forward to this day and can’t wait to see what it brings. My feet still ache from the last few days and the blisters seem to multiply exponentially. Grit my teeth and march forward through the brush. The first part of the trail leads us over sand and gravel. Between the bays, small sections lead us again and again through the forest. Every time I come out of the forest I am floored by the view. In my wildest dreams I never imagined nature in Canada could be so beautiful. The path leads us deeper into the forest. Now I also understand why everyone said that the exhausting part was yet to come. The trail leads us up and down steep sections. Luckily, there are ropes almost everywhere you can hold on to. Once I lose my grip and slide down the side of the mountain, pulled down by the heavy backpack. Fortunately, I am able to stop myself with my hands and everything is ok. Once again, the phrase from the beginning of the journey comes to mind: „Remember, nature has us in its grip, not the other way around.“ The anticipation for the next day carries me through. Finally a day off, just to rest on the beach. After our lunch break on the beach, to which of course there was the Lyofood leftovers from the morning, we walk along the trail again. Suddenly we have arrived. A beautiful sandy beach with gentle waves. I can live with this for two days. – Frauke

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