In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Wait or Be? A thinking experiment.

Why not write down, what you see. Then you can also try to think about it. In case you just wait. This is happens here quite often. Today I’m waiting for a small boat in Kerala. As a group of about a dozen waiting women and children do already sit in the boat, while men drink keep standing in front of the same, holding a sweet tea in their hands, I’m waiting on the boardwalk carrying this general idea of this journey to begin immediately as planned in my schedule. After half an hour, I’m beginning to wonder, because there has been no movement around the boat and everybody seems to be either enjoying themselves on the boat playing around or drinking tea right next to it. No one else seems to have these thoughts in mind, while they sit or doze comfortably and enjoy themselves with a cup of tea. The small plastic cups are being thrown into the channel without much care. After two hours, the ferry gets started and embarks and the journey can begin. Regarding the given waiting time from a Western perspective you would have it expected to be a cruise or an intercontinental flight, which we would then reflect the complexity of the project and our good understanding in regard to our own safety that we  may take good note of such a long time waiting. In that case, however, it is hardly an act of special needs or carefulness, but it demands, especially in the backwaters not batting an eyelid. For the small wooden boat is rather a kind of simple bus for the residents of this stretch of lan. In the backwaters, a branched network of waterways in the hinterland of the Malabar coast in the southern Indian state of Kerala, they have to rely on boats and barges, as the waterways extend over an area of total of 1900 square kilometers with a total of approximately 1500 km, partly natural, partly man-made channels. How can the residents of the channels with no visible discrepancies take notice of the fact that the ferry departs with two hours delay, while we would think you might have surely do some business or make visits? Should such a ferry not be scheduled to follow their appropriate destination and benefit all through leaving leave the dock on time? The proper sense of time in this environment, my attitude to time changes may not be here. You can see and might start to take a grasp in a blink of second that there are people that tick differently in the truest sense of another philosophy of time. Despite the seemingly chaotic honking and bustle of traffic, one can experience every day how great the percentage of spending life time on a waiting list here must be. The best part here is: It does not seem  to disturb anyone. Well, maybe we interpret the idea of waiting as being wrong at this place and in this culture wrongly. There could be no waiting as such activity. Maybe there is no such kind of activity that is harmful to your time budget itself. Maybe you do not wait. Maybe you are just there. Imagine for our immediate question trying to make sense of every activity that needs to be checked out and evaluated: What are you doing here? This comes very close to the original question: Is it productive? We can give a clear answer. But this question of is our own character and reflects scepticism about this lifestyle. Our evaluation criteria would come close to this state of being rather the definition of wasted time of idleness. To credit the people a morbid laziness, would be very easy for us. If we take nothing but a moment, as I was forced at the moment of waiting for the boat to analyze the situation and my way of thinking; one bit of a fuzzy idea comes to mind that here it must go well with other rules. Thus writes our friend and helper Hermann Hesse: „If I were not a very industrious man is basically how I would ever have thought of inventing theories and praise of idleness. The native, like the ingenious idlers never do. „- If you are always restlessly rush? Not even feel the moment when you actually just think the same but more and more. Just when you travel, the danger is to think big in routes and schedules and days and during which the current smile to miss the girl on the roof of the boat. What is a word for what I can come back because, as I write this quickly. Miss – probably a very typical word for us Westerners. As we think of when it would have been different, as if we could turn back the clock, as if we could change the thing of the past to our request. Since the clock itself is a phenomenon. It gives us a quick orientation in the world. It gives us security. Without this invention, I feel a bit lost. Recently, I fell asleep on my clock and broke through the tape of my trip Casio, which I found several years ago while paddling in Mecklenburg in a life jacket. It accompanied me on trips since time immemorial, until I step on the said nightly attack I could no longer bear wearing it around my wrist. Anyway, I was now the best example of the kind of species called the watch people, somewhat being without Clock more helpless than I am already here. But it behaves quite differently on the spot for people here. Many people wear no timepiece, chronometer or anything quite like this to measure time. Here, this is often not much more than a status symbol. Often I have seen many watches, glittering golden indeed already, but have the pointer matching to the wrong number. As I have tried to to kindly point it out to people, it is only easy to harvest a smile. For the real time plays no role. Whether or not it ticks, you will probably be born again. Wether sooner or later, for whom does it matter. Therefore it can also be difficult to create a feeling  time of pressure. If everything is predestined and determined the fate by accumulated karma, why should we care about minutes. Thus begins the collective working in offices a half to one hour later. Or a ferry and two hours later, people drink tea. So no reason to complain. But how does our one cope with that? Very difficult, almost impossible indeed. For us, time is precious. In it we measure our lives. Waste of time and the existence of such in itself represent a major sin in our society. If we rush it is for no reason other than because of our limited existence on the earth loop through the cities, the Facebooking and looking after the kick and the illusion of perfect happiness dream in the frenzy of over-stimulation threaten to go down, you lose the current minute in the speed of behaviour and consumption patterns and reflections on meaning and are consumed by years and decades, aging man and you finally start wondering where did the time go, then you can actually get aware of the time that still remains even and even stop for a moment . wait .If the wait is longer then one can look forward to. Perhaps you begin to discover little things that you do not have and never seen before, or even admired as a child, then forget parked in dark chambers of memory has. Maybe then you begin to find a little time to think. I find it easier thinking, if I try to put my thoughts into intelligible words, write them down. In addition, then come to new ideas. I hope not, that the article has become too long for you. Here is s just a little thought process. To welcome and make best friends at the end of the (too) long entry to speak, one has it hardly ever better said_welcome to the circus of life:: Hermann Hesse! As long as you hunt for the bliss Are not you ready to Happiness And everything would be your sweetheart. As long as you complain about lost ones You are restless and objectives and, Do you not know what peace is. Not until you renounce any desire Target not know even more desire, The happiness not call by name, Then you enough of flood events Not more to the heart and your soul rests. Kerala

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