In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Wasp encounter

Hey folks, I finally could sleep in. Thank goodness we didn’t have to eat chia seeds again, we just finished up the rice from last night. Afterwards we packed our things because we are heading to the other sand bank today. There was a little lunch and then we left through the forest with our heavy backpacks. About an hour later, we were almost there, I hear Clara scream, about 50 meters in front of me: “Wasps!!” Afterwards she told me she was stung four times, David had three stings. The rest of us made a wide loop around the nest. Shortly after arriving, Pia, Julius and I went back to our base camp to get our 8-person tent and other things. And that’s when I got stung three times. On the way back I transported everything through the thick forest in a very uncomfortable dry sack….this time without meeting the angry wasps. I helped build the tent in the camp after a short break. I have to say – the tent was never built as well as it is today. In the evening we had another fantastic dinner amongst the snow-covered mountains and the small Toba River. A lovely view! I have come to terms with my thousands of mosquito bites. Only after many hours of fishing could I finally catch a single fish. My ratio is: 10 bites but no catch. But I am optimistic and trust my luck. Hitting the sack now. Rock on Henri Wilderness International Kanadareise 2014

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