In the wilderness lies the preservation of the world.
Henry David Thoreau

Where licorice grows on trees

Pia “Bzzz…” the first sound of the morning. “Maybe I shouldn’t have slept out in the open last night?” I think to myself, as I pull a scarf deep over my face with one hand and try to wave away the circling mosquitos with another. I get up after hearing Dave’s Wake-up song. The orange-colored morning light bathes the landscape in an artistic glow, and coupled with a clear sky it is almost perfect. Lina and I sit on the stones near the water and gape in awe at this imposing picture. After breakfast in the shade of the tarp that we spread yesterday, we walk to a meadow covered with flowers. Although it’s not far from our camp, we need a long time to reach it on foot, because we discover a bunch of interesting things along the way. The most impressive is the licorice fern that we find on a large maple tree. When you chew on the root it tastes sweet. But the taste reminds me more of celery than of licorice. In the afternoon we paddle from camp to a place where the water is deep enough to swim. I am relieved as we jump into the cool river because in the air, especially with the life jackets, it’s unbelievably hot! Cooled off and primed with insect spray, we walk for a little ways into the forest in order to shoot a short film. Afterwards we break down part of the camp and go to bed early because tomorrow’s paddle-tour begins at 430am! Honestly, I’m still exhausted from last night! Translated by Pilar Wolfsteller  

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